My advice is to always ship in an enclosed trailer, verify insurance and amount, request total cost door to door (check for extra fees) and shipping time.  Get a minimum of three quotes!  If you get a quote over the phone have them send you a cost breakdown to your email address.
The following is part of the information section from A-1 Auto Transport's web site.   I found it to be very informative and a well prepared overview for the first time customer.

How To Ship A Car: The Basics Of What To Know
"Transporting a vehicle is not an overly complicated process, though it may seem that way from the outside, especially if you've never done it before. Shipping a car, truck, motorcycle, or any other type of vehicle is just a matter of collecting the necessary info and contacting the right people; in this case automotive transport companies. In some instances, you may be contacting a broker rather than a carrier, but they both offer similar solutions: a broker arranges for shipment, whereas a carrier delivers the vehicle.

Whether you're shipping a vehicle to across the state, or from one coast to the other, the process is more or less the same. You'll need information such as the make, model, and year of the vehicle, as well as its current location and where you're shipping to. It's also helpful to have a delivery timeframe in mind if you need to vehicle shipped by a certain date.

At A-1 Auto Transport, shipping your car has never been easier. We simplify this process as much as possible, making it easier than ever to get a quick, accurate, timely price quote in a matter of minutes (just fill out our form starting with the "to and from" fields). You simply tell us what type of vehicle you need shipped and when, and we'll have one of our logistics transport partners contact you right away with a cost estimate. It's a process that we've intentionally kept simple and getting an estimate with A-1 Auto Transport is always FREE.

Even if you're just curious about the cost of transporting a vehicle, we're happy to supply you with that information, regardless of the type of cargo being hauled or the type of trailer required to do so. If you need a general idea of what it costs to ship different distances, or an explanation of what's included in the cost by auto movers, you can find that information on our car shipping rates page.

It's important to keep in mind that extra services (such as door-to-door or enclosed transport) typically increase the per-mile rate of the shipping cost. Disclaimer: it should be noted that additional insurance beyond what's included in car moving prices also costs extra, though it's not needed in most cases.

One of the main choices you'll have to make when shipping a vehicle is what type of transport you need, which boils down to what type of trailer is required. Most vehicles shipped within the same country are hauled on an open air carrier that moves several at once, usually between eight and 12. Vehicles that are shipped in an enclosed trailer are most often vintage, luxury, or high-performance cars."

The following are some of the Auto Transportation Companies that the buyers of my classic cars have used.  They were reasonably priced , professional, insured and all offered door to door pickup and delivery.

A-1 Auto Transport Inc. (1-800-452-2880 )

National Express Auto Transport Inc. (800-284-7177)
This company offers a Car Shipping Calculator for instant rates on line. Very helpful.

Ship A Car Direct Inc. ( 855-912-9040 )

Executive Auto Shippers LLC ( 1-855-980-1968 )

Reliable Carriers Inc. ( 1-800-521-6393 )

Passport Transport  ( 1-800-325-4267 )  This is one of the companies used by Jay Leno.  James Reece excellent Owner / Operator 918-508-6705  This is the company that shipped my GTO to California .

United Routes Inc. ( 1-866-352-8180 ) 

Note :  There's a great article on the United Routes site on "How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping."                                                                                            


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