1978 Pontiac Firebird 400 Trans Am

Another Pontiac restored. My favorite brand of Classic Cars. Classic Muscle car styling and big block torque was the trademark of Pontiac. What a mistake to terminate the Pontiac Division and keep Buick. I would typically not venture into this late model of a car (Like 1972 and older) however this model of Trans Am has always been one of my favorite style of the mid 70s cars. There are only a hand full of older American cars, that when you look at them, they say get in and turn the key and I will take you for a real ride. Cars like the Cobra, Barracudas, some Vetts, Shelby Mustangs and Dodge Chargers are a few that come to mind. I feel this Trans Am is in that class. When you look at this car there is nothing that says this is the family grocery getter. It is "Smokey and the Bandit" in blue. The following is an overview of the car. In 1978 the Trans Am was offered with two 6.6 Litre engine options. The first and by far the best was the "Z" code 400 cu.in. Pontiac, which was first offered in the 1967 GTO, and the second option was the 403 cu.in. Oldsmobile engine, also known as the California engine, due to the additional smog emission equipment that was added to comply with California's regulations. The 403 Oldsmobile engine was the only engine California would permit the Pontiac dealers to sell in the Trans Am. Needless to say the more emission equipment that was loaded onto an engine the lower the HP and torque dropped. This car is the "Z" code Pontiac 400. This is also a well optioned car in that it has the following goodies from the factory such as Air Conditioning, power steering, power disk brakes, tilt steering wheel, power windows & locks, full console, rear window defroster, tachometer, clock (actually works), factory Snowflake sport wheels, T-Tops (Two sizes were offered and this car has the large style aka Fisher Body style), radio antenna mounted in the windshield and tinted glass. There have been some upgrades made to the car and I will add those on a later post.

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